Our Services

Audit Services
At AccAssurance, our audit services include:
  • Statutory Audit
  • Special Audit 
  • Review / Performing Agreed Upon Procedures
a)  Statutory Audit 
At AccAssurance, we will understand the nature of your business and operations, and key business concerns. With your input, we will tailor our audit approach based on your operations to perform statutory audit based on the requirements of the Singapore Companies' Act, Chapter 50. Our approach to statutory audit is two pronged. We will perform an audit efficient and effective to ensure that your company is able to comply with requirements. Secondly, we will also inform you, if we noted any areas of improvement in your company's operations, financial process and risk management as a result of our audit work.
The deliverables from statutory audit is an audited financial statements of the company. 
b)   Special Audit
We will be able to provide an independent opinion to meet your specific requirements, which we will issue in the form of special audit reports. 

This includes:
1) Financial due diligence work to support your company's mergers and acquisitions
2) Verification of specific areas of financial statement
3) Special purpose audit reports to support your various needs such as partnership accounts.
4) Special purpose audit reports to support grant or license application with agencies such as Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore for Major Exporter Scheme
5) Special purpose audit reports for rental income certification
6) Special purpose audit reports relating to donation or proceeds from charity fund raising certification
7) Special purpose audit reports relating to paid up capital / retained earnings certification
c)  Review / Performing Agree Upon Procedures
We will be able to assist management to perform agreed upon procedures or review of financial statements.
We will understand the needs of your company or need of the specific transactions, before tailoring a specific set of procedures to meet the company's objective for the work. This includes procedures such as verification of specific assets, performing procedures to test the existence of certain classes of sales. 

Tax Services
At AccAssurance, our tax services include:
  • GST Compliance Services
  • Corporate Tax Compliance Services
a)  GST Compliance Services
Companies making taxable supplies of goods and/or services in Singapore with annual revenues exceeding or likely to exceed S$1 million are required to register with the Comptroller of GST.
Companies may wish be GST-registered on a voluntary basis, in the instances where the amount of GST input tax paid is expected to be significantly higher than the amount of GST output tax collected.
At AccAssurance, we can assist in GST registration, and preparation and submission of the GST Form 5 on a quarterly basis.
b)  Tax Compliance Services
The income of any person accruing in or derived from Singapore or received in Singapore from outside Singapore, are subject to income tax. This key tax requirement is supplemented by further detailed and complex tax requirements prescribed in the Singapore Income Tax Act and circulars issued by the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (“IRAS”).
The definition of “person” under the Singapore Income Tax Act includes individual persons and the various types of business entities. These parties are required to file tax returns with IRAS based on prescribed forms and the numbers included in these returns are to be derived based on detailed tax requirements outlined in the Singapore Income Tax Act.
At AccAssurance, we can assist in the tax computations, and preparation and submission of the appropriate tax returns based on the Singapore Income Tax Act.